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Trump administration’s energy plans just faced another loss.

On Monday, a federal appeals court ruled against the Environmental Protection Agency’s postponement of a rule to regulate methane from oil and gas wells.

The EPA said its May deferral was designed to give industry more time to comment on the regulation. Environmental groups including the Sierra Club and the Environmental Defense Fund sued the EPA after the agency’s delay. Judges sided with environmentalists and said “industry groups had ample opportunity to comment,” adding that some of those comments had been incorporated into the final rule.

The Obama-era regulation would cut pollution of methane, a greenhouse gas more potent than CO2, from new oil and gas wells. At the time, industry and several states — including Oklahoma under then-Attorney General Scott Pruitt — said the rule placed undue burden on oil and gas producers.

After the decision, the agency says it’s assessing its options, but the ruling comes as another strike against Trump’s attempted attacks on Obama’s environmental legacy.