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REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Trump, Monsanto, and Bayer walk into a tower.

The leaders of the two major companies met with the president-elect and promised 3,000 new jobs and billions in research investment if regulators approve their proposed merger, Politico reports.

In September, Bayer made the offer to buy Monsanto and form what the clever people at Vox call a Ginormous Merged Organization, or GMO. Regulators both in the United States and Europe are scrutinizing the deal. It’s just one of many huge agribusiness mergers in the works, which could either stifle innovation and screw farmers, or supercharge innovation and set farmers free (Brad Plumer lays out the arguments on both sides).

This latest news looks a lot like a quid pro quo: If there’s anything Trump can do to lower the regulatory hurdles (quid), he’ll be able to claim responsibility for a little increased investment in the heartland (quo). But it might also piss off Republicans like Sen. Chuck Grassley, who have been suspicious of the deal, and that could hurt Trump’s larger political ambitions.