Tuesday's elections brought coast-to-coast victories for U.S. climate action. - Grist


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Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / Stringer / Getty Images

Tuesday’s elections brought coast-to-coast victories for U.S. climate action.

Many climate-friendly mayors were elected — most notably in New York City, Boston, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Charlotte, St. Petersburg, St. Paul, and Seattle.

More highlights from a big day for climate policy:

  • New Jersey: Governor-elect Phil Murphy, a Democrat,  campaigned on a climate-friendly platform that included a pledge to rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the largest market-based carbon-trading platform in the country. (Outgoing Governor Chris Christie withdrew Jersey from RGGI in 2011.) Murphy also wants to make Jersey the second state in the country, after Hawaii, to commit to a path to 100-percent renewable energy.
  • Virginia: Newly-elected Governor Ralph Northam, a Democrat, is expected to push for his state to join RGGI.
  • Washington state: A special election for a state Senate seat tipped the balance of power to allow Governor Jay Inslee to pursue his pro-climate agenda.
  • Miami: Voters passed a $200 million bond issue aimed at preparing the city for sea-level rise.
  • Denver: A green roof initiative passed, which would mandate either solar panels or gardens on top of every new large building.

The results send a clear message: Climate action will continue to move ahead at the local and state level, even with a climate denier as president.