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Pew Research Center

Turns out solar power is the only thing Americans can agree on.

The rest? Pure chaos.

This according to a new Pew poll that shows America split on all things climate change. Just over a third of Americans care a great deal about our atmospheric disarray, but three-quarters of those concerned citizens are self-identified Democrats. Republicans, on the other hand, are much less likely to give a damn.

And while 79 percent of “liberal Democrats” believe global warming is our fault, only 15 percent of “conservative Republicans” concur. Almost half of conservative Republicans say global warming is totally natural, and 36 percent say there’s just no evidence it’s happening (and likely live under a temperature-controlled rock).

The Pew poll diverges from the growing consensus that climate change is real, happening, and urgent to address. In March, Gallup found 64 percent of Americans worry about climate change.

Stanford political scientist Jon Krosnick, unaffiliated with the study, chalks the findings up to Pew’s focus on the political extremes: “If you take any political issue and identify small and particular groups, you can find differences between them.”

But there’s a colossal bright spot in this labyrinth: Over 80 percent of Americans support renewables. It seems solar is the only undivided panel left.