Turns out "toxic masculinity" isn't just a threat to your dating life, but also the planet. - Grist


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Turns out “toxic masculinity” isn’t just a threat to your dating life, but also the planet.

Men won’t spring for the Seventh Generation detergent because, scientifically speaking, that’s a girly thing, according to a new study from the University of Notre Dame.

A group of researchers lead by James Wilkie performed a series of experiments to examine multiple factors: the association between “green” products and femininity, how that association might affect men’s sense of identity, and how it influences their buying habits.

In case you were wondering if men ruining the Earth is a new idea, here’s the background research that inspired the study:


What did Wilkie et al. find? To paraphrase: Eco-friendliness tends to connote femininity, which everyone knows makes you weak! And because men hate to be perceived as weak, they are not going to be caught dead with that Whole Foods canvas tote. The best way to change this, the authors propose, is to market green products the same way you would, say, Axe Body Spray.

I disagree.