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planet earth

Watch changes on the ol’ Blue Marble unfold in gorgeous, alarming satellite images.

With the help of Google Earth’s updated Timelapse feature, now you can see just how fast the world’s transforming from 1984 all the way up into the present.

For example, here’s Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica, flowing steadily and unstoppably toward the sea, thanks to human-induced global warming:


And here’s the Great Salt Lake, slowly drying up as higher temperatures and unreliable precipitation cause long-term drought across the western United States:


Then there’s Miami, a city floating an average of 6 feet above sea level. Despite rising sea levels and king tides that already swamp South Florida regularly, the city has continued develop along its vulnerable coasts:


But wait! Don’t despair just yet. If we’ve learned anything from the last eight years, it’s that positive change can move pretty quickly, too. Check out the explosive growth of solar panels in China:longyangxiasolar-compressor