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Watch Samantha Bee’s haunted house of climate hell.

In Wednesday’s episode of Full Frontal, the late-night host invites eight climate change deniers to experience life on an Earth irreparably damaged by global warming, hoping to “scare the denial right out of them.”

That’s no easy feat: Studies show Americans are more afraid of clowns than climate change.

Bee partnered with a haunted house in a Philadelphia penitentiary to create a climate change–themed hell house filled with massive droughts, rabid NGO workers, and insect protein.

Outside of show business, scaring people into caring about climate change can backfire. Psychologists have found that fear can make parts of our brain to shut down, leading people to give up on solutions to climate change altogether.

To Bee’s credit, her haunted vision of an apocalyptic future convinced at least one woman to change her mind. Not because of dying oceans — she just didn’t think her fellow deniers seemed credible.

“I guess there is an emotion more motivating than fear,” Bee says. “The shame of being caught with the wrong peer group.”