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Green Screen

Watch this trailer featuring good-looking people learning about climate change.

You thought all the babes were already sufficiently alarmed and engaged? Not quite yet.

The new documentary Tomorrow follows Inglourious Basterds actress Mélanie Laurent and activist-director Cyril Dion as they come to grips with the fact that climate change is going to seriously screw up both their days and their children’s, forever and ever. Like a growing number of people around the globe, they decide it’s a problem we need to address.

The two travel around the world to learn about “creative alternatives” to the dystopian future that Trump et al. are designing for us.

Tomorrow will open in San Francisco on April 14, and in New York and Los Angeles on April 21 — not exactly the places where the message is most needed. But if you go see the film in one of those cities, there’s a better chance it will get distributed where it could do the most good.