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We’re literally losing sleep over climate change.

Higher temperatures at night mean more trouble sleeping, according to a new study in Science Advances. (Duh, sweaty toss-and-turners the world over say.)

The researchers used a 2002-2011 survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to match up 795,000 people’s reported sleep quality with nighttime temperature records. Sure enough, hotter nights were more likely to correspond with people reporting insufficient sleep. The effect was worse among the elderly and lower-income participants — though other factors, such as sleep disorders and taxing work schedules, likely also take their toll on those populations.

While climate change is causing temperatures to get higher in general, it’s raising nighttime temperatures in particular, the Atlantic’s Robinson Meyer explains. Heat-trapping greenhouse gases continue to keep things toasty long after the sun has set.

So if you were planning to try to sleep through the next few years of terrible news (look, we know the feeling), think again.