We’ve got some weekend reading to help you face the post-election world. - Grist


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We’ve got some weekend reading to help you face the post-election world.

Last week, we recommended reading literally anything that didn’t have to do with the election. This week, we’re (sort of) ready to think about why what happened … happened.

  • Was it racism? From the New York Times: “Trump clearly sensed the fragility of the coalition that Obama put together — that the president’s support in heavily white areas was built not on racial egalitarianism but on a feeling of self-interest.”
  • Was it sexism? As Gail Collins in the New York Times pointed out: “Clinton didn’t leap — she trudged. The difference between her political career and Obama’s was, in a way, a perfect reflection of the difference between the civil rights movement and women’s fight for equal rights.”
  • Was it Russia? From Mother Jones: “[NSA Director Admiral Rogers] said, ‘This was a conscious effort by a nation-state to attempt to achieve a specific effect.’”
  • Was it rural poverty and despair? Journalist Chris Arnade, who covers opioid addiction in Appalachia, noted that “the map of counties in U.S. that shifted to Trump, from Romney, is almost an exact map of the counties having increases in drug overdoses.”
  • Or … was it Facebook? From MTV News: “One of the luxuries of power in Silicon Valley is the luxury to deny that your power exists.”

In any case, it really happened. If you’re feeling depressed about that, read Grist’s Rebecca Leber on where to go from here.