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What did you miss while avoiding any and all news?

We don’t blame you for taking a break. News lately sucks. Here’s a bunch of non-news reading for your weekend:

  • We’ve already heard the worst-case predictions that climate change could bring about political upheaval and dictators and demagogues to power. But, as The Atlantic posits, what if that’s already happening?
  • Would you like a tour through the E. coli scandal that shook Chipotle to its core? Fast Company spent seven months getting to the bottom of the burrito bowl, so to speak.
  • There’s perhaps never been an election that’s pitted the sexes against each other as much as this one, so it’s good to remember that there are men who are on the side of women — like Dr. Ronald Yeomans, a 75-year-old abortion provider in Kansas who wears a bulletproof vest to work.
  • Here’s a terrifying addition to climate-change vocabulary: “Melting cannibalism.” That’s what’s going on with Greenland, according to Elizabeth Kolbert in The New Yorker.
  • Hormonal contraception is the most common form of birth control — so why are women stuck with a pill with so many unpleasant side effects? Broadly investigates — and brings us this wonderful quote: “God bless the Scandinavians for having universal health care and keeping really good statistics!”