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Here’s what to read when you just can’t read about the election right now.

If we have learned anything in this election, it is that we knew nothing! So why not learn some new things? Obscure things! Weird things! Inconsequential things!

(Before, you know, you have to start learning all those things that will help you fight the battles that are all the more urgent now. It’s been an incredibly ugly week and white progressives need to learn how to be allies — real, fighting allies — to the people most affected by a Trump presidency.)

But for this weekend, for now — a little distraction:

  • MTV (yes, that one) tells an incredibly beautiful story of Yuri Norstein, “the world’s best animator,” and the project that he may never see to completion.
  • An invasion of zombie parasite-infected “kitties of doom” honestly doesn’t sound so terrible right now! Outside brings us a real-life horror story.
  • Everything is terrible, but at least this mutant snail can find love: “Jeremy, who was originally discovered in a London compost heap, became a media sensation in the U.K. and beyond — a ‘shellebrity.’”
  • Ruby Tandoh in the Guardian investigates our compulsive need to throw all our food up on the ’gram: “Taking the time to enjoy and to document the meals we eat is a cathartic luxury.”