Without the Clean Air Act, U.S. cities wouldn't be much to look at. - Grist


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Without the Clean Air Act, U.S. cities wouldn’t be much to look at.

You can see just how smoggy they’d be in a new report by Save On Energy.

The energy conservation company visualized how America’s iconic skylines would look with the air quality of Xingtai, China’s most polluted city, by converting particle concentration to visibility. The result is, to quote the most frustrating Magic 8 Balls, pretty hazy.

Smoggy air is more than just unsightly: It’s also dangerous. Each year, air pollution from vehicles, industry, power plants, and other human activities kills an estimated 6.5 million people worldwide and an estimated 200,000 people in the U.S. alone. But without pollution-regulating policies like the Clean Air Act, that number would be much, much higher.

See Save on Energy’s images below. If they look underwhelming, well, that’s the point: All the most recognizable features of these cities’ skylines, like the Statue of Liberty in New York, are close to fully obscured. For the full scrollover effect, visit Save on Energy’s report page.

new york city pollution
New York Save on Energy


los angeles pollution
Los Angeles Save on Energy


dallas pollution
Dallas Save on Energy


chicago pollution
Chicago Save on Energy