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brunch of decisions

Zinke might shrink our national monuments, but hey, he cooks a mean breakfast.

Many around the country are anxious about Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s pending decision on 21 national monuments, which he plans to release on Thursday. But Zinke seems to be taking the pressure in stride — and in a chicken apron.

Lola Zinke tweeted this picture of her husband, also known as “Z,” on Tuesday. Note that beneath the goofy apron, “Z” sports casual cooking attire: a white button-down, a red tie, and black dress shoes.

Last week, Lola’s tweets showed the two on vacation in the Mediterranean, prompting some questions about how seriously Zinke was taking the upcoming monument decision.

But if he takes one thing seriously, it’s breakfast. We can’t help but wonder if Chef Zinke makes his pancakes in fun shapes. Might we suggest bears ears?