What does the world need most, in this age of high gas prices and rampant carbon emissions? A 28-mile expansion of highway between Dallas and Denton, Texas! At least, that’s what Texas thinks. Thankfully, the state has freed up just enough money for this crucial project by gutting its education budget. Hey, whatever — Texas' children can always get jobs as day laborers building these highways.

If you're confused about the price tag for 28 miles of highway — $4.4 billion — it's because the road would be expanded to 14 lanes. A recently completed commuter rail line along the same corridor cost $313 million. Surely spending the same money on five more of them, with with a couple billion left over, would be a better use of funds?

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Anyway, if you think this is insane, just wait until things like this start happening at the federal level. In case you hadn't heard: Texas Gov. Rick Perry is the dark horse candidate for a future run at the White House.

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