Business & Technology

Sashay Away

Coal is giving us blatant hints that it’s on the way out.

Building more coal plants? "That's not going to happen," says the CEO of a West Virginia utility.

The beginning of the end

Britain just went a whole day without burning any coal for electricity.

That's a first since the Industrial Revolution -- and an indication of big changes for the better.

Meet the fixer: This entrepreneur helps the solar industry compete.

Utilities keep solar companies in the dark. Elena Lucas brings energy data into the light.

Green light special

Walmart just pledged to eliminate a billion tons of greenhouse gas.

Project Gigaton is kind of like getting every Canadian to sign a strict sustainability pledge.

get the picture?

The Bureau of Land Management website got a fossil fuel makeover.

The agency swapped a picture of wholesome hikers for a massive seam of coal.

A bright spot

The world’s biggest petrostate just set its sights on wind and solar expansion.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s biggest exporter of oil, but it wants to green up its energy use at home.


California is gearing up to pass a cap-and-trade law. Again.

California's cap-and-trade law could get a much-needed revamp.

science wants you

This documentary series spotlights people taking science into their own hands.

Everyday folks are gathering data to help professional scientists to do their jobs better.

So you're telling me there's a chance...

Could we get climate action from … Republicans?

There might just be a way for Republicans to support low-carbon energy.