Participants in the No-Pants Subway RidePhoto by Karen BlumbergIs there a way to make public transportation sexier than driving? Cars have backseat makeouts, bikini carwashes, and “don’t come a-knockin'” bumper stickers — some even have their own testicles. Subways have … pretty much that one scene in Risky Business.

Enter the 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride, a multi-city effort coordinated by flash mob masterminds Improv Everywhere. It’s exactly what it sounds like — participants drop trou and plant their bare asses on the molded plastic seats of their local subway. New York is the hub, with 3,500 participants this year according to Improv Everywhere (Gothamist has pictures).

Pasty hipster legs not your ideal of sexiness? Jake Gyllenhaal was also spotted on Brooklyn’s Q train on Friday, texting away or more likely playing Angry Birds because New York subways have crummy cell service. Granted, everything else Jake’s been photographed doing lately is kind of embarrassing, but we’re hoping that his handsome mug will help put a good face on public transport.

What celebrity would you like to see riding the subway? A few months ago we wrote about Vincent Kartheiser — Pete from Mad Men — taking public transportation in L.A., but unfortunately Pete is kind of a douche so it’s not clear what he can do in terms of image. Think we can get Jon Hamm? Think we can get Jon Hamm to do the No Pants Ride?

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