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Climate Extreme Weather


From coast to coast, heat has enveloped the United States for nearly a week, blushing weather maps with shades of red. On July Fourth, roughly half of all Americans were under extreme heat alerts. The trend continued through the holiday and into the next week, shattering temperature records in cities across the United States. 

On Wednesday, roughly 140 million Americans, over a third of the country, remained under active National Weather Service extreme heat advisories, watches, and warnings. A heat risk map released by federal agencies showed that the worst of the conditions were along each coast, marked by swaths of color-coded severity. On the West Coast, states from Washington to Arizona were awash in deep burgundy — extreme risk. Along the East Coast, states from Maine to Florida were splotched with scarlet — major risk. 

“There’s not a whole lot of relief in sight,” said Zach Taylor, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service. In fact, the heat on both coasts could stick around through mid to late July. “This is a very dangerous and serious si... Read more

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