Newspaper article about giant manure gas bubblesJessica Mullen via FlickrBecause if they explode (or are intentionally popped by dairy-bubble party poopers), you could be shit-out-of-muck, like this Indiana farmer. His dairy operation’s waste management system is suffering from indigestion the size of small houses.

And while he plans to Pepto-Bismol the situation with a gas mask, a boat, and a pocket knife, the “neighbors worry that puncturing the bubbles could cause an explosion of manure and toxic gases.”

And while that may only happen once in a poo lagoon, you don’t want it to be you who’s launched 40 feet in the air by an attack of the killer cow patties. (Seriously, we can’t fake this shit up.)

UPDATE: The poop bubbles have been popped! And the result is that they deflate like “raisins in the sun.” Eww.

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