lionfishEat me!Photo: Stefan via Flickr

In the recent wave of goodwill toward the ocean, some people are channeling the Noah’s Ark approach to saving sea life while others are channeling Hungry Hungry Hippos. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) wants you to help protect coral reefs from lionfish, which are invasive to the Atlantic ocean and are chomping their way to domination in the Caribbean and off the U.S. Atlantic coast.

How can you help? By fishing and eating this tasty invader to local extinction, of course!

“NOAA has developed an ‘Eat Lionfish’ campaign [PDF] that brings together fishing communities, wholesalers, and chefs in an effort to broaden U.S. consumers’ awareness of this delicious invader,” reports a press release. Luckily, the “delicate white flesh tastes similar to a snapper or grouper.”

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If you’re worried about overfishing (and over-eating) the rest of the fish in the sea, your conscience will finally have some reef relief. Just pick up your fork to attack this latest environmental threat. It’s a snack-rifice, for sure. Just promise us you won’t be taking control of your lunch with bare hands.


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