New York City is working on a school garden revolution. The city just awarded grants to 29 public schools to establish or expand school gardens, adding to the 300-ish gardens currently in operation. The goal, according to director of garden-boosting nonprofit GrowNYC, is "to have a garden or access to a garden in every public school in the city." They've got a ways to go — there are 1,600 schools — but NYC mayor Bloomberg says he's committed to the initiative.

It's really cute to see what the kids are saying about the gardens, which are secretly about teaching them healthy eating, sustainable living, and a dollop of science, not really just about playing in dirt. "We can water the plants and everything. We just need the right equipment," said one Bed-Stuy 10-year-old. Yes! You go, kid! "I helped plant the trees," said another. D'awwwwww! "I'm sick and tired of staying in class taking lots of practice tests," he continued. D'… oh! Well, at least they'll get some fresh air.