Did you hear? The science around BPA — a substance that the government of Canada has declared "toxic" and has banned in baby bottles — "just isn't there," according to the CEO of Coca-Cola. If this kind of through-the-looking glass denial of science sounds familiar, it's because it's happened before, with tobacco and climate change and Obama’s birth certificate.

The message delivered to the one-quarter of Coca-Cola shareholders who recently voted to remove BPA from the lining of cans of Coke, as well as the millions of people who drink the stuff, is that the Coca-Cola company would rather endanger the health of its customers than go to the trouble of switching to a packaging alternative that doesn't contain BPA.

Bans on BPA are gaining steam throughout Europe, so it's only a matter of time until the company is forced to find an alternative, anyway. But this is a soda company we're talking about, after all: If their customers’ health were a priority, they probably wouldn't be selling them liquid diabetes.

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