The mighty Mississippi just can't be held down. This weekend, the Army Corps of Engineers opened four gates to the Morganza Spillway, which hasn't been used since 1973. Corps officials told residents: "Prepare for the worst. It's coming."

President Obama said Saturday the administration would begin auctioning oil and gas leases in the Alaska National Petroleum Reserve. Point, Republicans.

NOAA has sentenced up to 85 sea lions per year to death. Their crime: feasting on endangered salmon.

The U.K. parliament has agreed to back a "carbon budget" that by 2027 will have cut carbon emissions to half of 1990 levels. Manufacturers are unhappy.

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Less nuclear = more natural gas.

A statistics journal retracted a much-cited 2008 study that questioned the existence climate change, after plagiarism experts found passages in the study copied directly from Wikipedia. The experts used highly technical tools, including a trade secret reportedly called "Google," to evaluate the study.

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The produce industry is going after "The Dirty Dozen" list, which warns consumers against buying the most pesticide-laden fruits and veggies. Get revenge by eating juicy, delicious, fresh organic strawberries.