At least four people died after a tornado touched down in Massachusetts.

That E. coli strain that's killing people in Europe? Yeah, it's a terrifying, never-been-seen-before mutant. Can the world stop pretending it's in a Robin Cook thriller now, please?

The World Bank is going to help cities around the world finance projects that reduce carbon emissions.

The Obama administration was going to keep some public lands wild. But then Republicans complained, and the Interior Department abandoned the wild lands plan. Because that's how Democrats roll.

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Thirty-four members of Congress asked the State Department to take a closer look at the environmental impact of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Apparently not all British companies are psychopathic. (Oh, hi, BP! Didn't see you there.) A natural gas drilling company stopped operations after scientists said its activities might be causing earthquakes.

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"Eat food. Mostly plants." The USDA's new food guidance system goes all Michael Pollan.

China has some crazy ideas about how to deal with water shortages.