1956 ad shows mom pouring 7-Up for her baby: "7-up is so pure, so wholesome"

Hey, whatever else is wrong with our current cultural relationship with sugar water, at least nobody's pushing it as a baby formula alternative anymore, right? This 1956 ad says that 7-Up is "so wholesome" that "lots of mothers" give it to their babies. The company's evidence for this wholesomeness? They list the ingredients, even though they don't have to!

(By the way, we checked and the 1956 formula for 7-Up was much the same, but a little more natural — lime and lemon oils instead of "flavors," and sugar instead of corn syrup. But, you know, probably a LOT of sugar. The soda did NOT have lithium in it anymore — that was removed in 1950 — so at least they weren't recommending it as a baby mood stabilizer.)

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