Better get that Alaska cruise in now: Shell will be drilling exploratory wells in the Arctic Ocean next summer.

The U.N. says it will take $1 billion and more than 25 years to clean up all the oil Shell and other companies have spilled in the Niger Delta. (But we're sure there will be no problems whatsoever in the Arctic Ocean … )

Conservatives in Canada call tar-sand oil "ethical oil" because it comes not from evil places like Venezuela or Saudi Arabia but from Canada — "the boy scouts of the world," says the guy who came up with "ethical oil." (Maybe he’s trying to earn his greenwashing badge?)

Crops with root systems that go 6.6 feet deep, rather than the more common 3.3 feet, take in more carbon.

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Following the new USDA nutrition guidelines will increase your grocery bill. Thanks, agricultural-industrial complex!

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