Disney princess-mania can strike 3 to 5-year-old children at any time. That’s bad enough for kids (and mostly their parents), but now these bedazzled damsels are harming all children in a whole new way — by enticing them to ingest high levels of BPA.

Campbell's has been using Disney princesses and other Disney characters to sell kid-targeted food. Cartoon labels and "cool shapes" — i.e. noodles that are supposedly, though unidentifiably, made to look like kids’ favorite characters — help entice "healthy kids" into eating chicken in salty chicken broth. And of all the soups tested for BPA in a recent study, the Disney Princess Cool Shapes soup scored the worst. (For extra creepiness/conspiracy theory points here, remember that BPA can cause early puberty in girls.)

Putting aside the normal reasons why it's not a great idea to get kids hooked on processed food, the Breast Cancer Fund is now pushing companies to use BPA-free liners.

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