They’ve seen the family farm become a factory farm. They’ve learned the truth about industrial dairy facilities. And now they’re trying to escape the perils of a meatpacking plant. They are Leo, Moopheus, and Chickity, the animated stars of a series of short films by Free Range Studios and nonprof Sustainable Table.

This latest version of the Matrix spoofs is Meatrix II½, and this time, they’ve partnered with Fast Food Nation to promote the film and help raise awareness about the production of fast food.

Unfortunately, it looks like Fast Food Nation hasn’t done too well in theaters. Opening weekend, the film made just $390,000 compared to number-one film Happy Feet, which debuted at $42.3 million.

Interestingly, that same weekend, Saw III, a horror flick I had referenced in describing the surprising level of gore in Fast Food Nation, made $2.8 million, more than seven times as much as moola as FFN. (Get it? Ha ha, moo-la. Ahem.) I guess that’s the difference between having a major marketing firm pushing your film and leaving it to a cow in dark glasses.

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Below the fold, The Meatrix II½ via YouTube, a lower-quality version for those of you too lazy to click this link.

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