Tired of being cowed into drinking milk laced with artificial growth hormones simply because you can’t kick the latte habit? Find it udderly disgusting that the largest food and beverage retailers in the world proliferate antibiotics? Wish Grist would stop milking the cow-related puns?

Well, today you can join in with Food and Water Watch’s Hold the Hormones campaign by calling Starbucks and asking them to stop buying milk from dairies that use artificial growth hormones. The D.C.-based nonprofit offers up 10 good reasons to get involved.

With 6,000 stores nationwide, Starbucks buys a lot of milk. And as per their stated commitment to social responsibility, it would only make sense to lobby the massive coffee chain to change their buying practices.

Cow-clad humanoids took the streets today to convince folks to call in, but even if you haven’t had the pleasure of being accosted by a bovine entity, you can call Starbucks corporate HQ at 1-800-235-2883 up until 6 p.m. PST this evening.

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