Dear people who have sent me email in the last month or so, to whom I honestly meant to reply — even marked the email "important" — but still haven’t yet,

I’m sorry. I lost a week to a snowboarding vacation, another week to being distracted by the thought that I wanted to drop out of society and snowboard full time, two days to jury duty, and who knows how many more hours trying to catch up with all the news I missed. Also I’m a bad person. I shall endeavor to give your email the attention it deserves in the coming week.

In other personal news, today I was over in the U District, waiting for a radio interview with Bob Edwards (I’ll post it when it airs), when I went to a coffee shop called Trabant and had a drip coffee made with a $10,000 coffee brewing machine called a Clover. Sucker cost me $3.75, but I’m here to tell you, daaamn it was good. It’s barely the same beverage — just absolutely silky and rich an filled with subtle notes you never realize you’re missing in regular coffee. I highly recommend giving it a try, even if only once. The only downside: sitting in a hipster coffee shop, typing on a laptop, and drinking a $4 cup of coffee may give one a near-terminal feeling of having been co-opted by the bourgeoisie.

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