A couple of weeks ago, we ran an interview with Food Network chef Alton Brown about his new sustainability efforts. In the course of the piece, Roz Cummins asked him if he’d be willing to crew on a Greenpeace boat, and he said yes — an answer that’s apparently been repeated and miscontextualized all over the place.

Brown dropped us a note to clarify his position. Here’s what he has to say:

Dear Editor,

Just to set the record straight: Although I would be very interested in spending time on a Greenpeace vessel in order to learn more about the organization and their actions on the high seas, I am not a Greenpeace “supporter” per se. I strongly disagree with several of their stands and find many of their methods extreme to the point of being counter productive. That said, I do respect their passion and commitment.

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Thanks for your time and for your work,

Alton Brown

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