Anna Lappé might be called a green-diaper baby. Her mother, Frances Moore Lappé, brought out the seminal Diet for a Small Planet back in 1971, and has been agitating forcefully for a just, sustainable food system ever since. Her father, the toxicologist Marc Lappé, was an early, important, and persistent critic of the agrichemical industry.

Anna has emerged in her own right as a leading voice in the sustainable food movement. In her work, she focuses not only on the depredations of industrial food, but also on the myriad alternatives to it that are bubbling up everywhere. In Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen (co-written with Bryant Terry), she helped making eating close to home hip.

Now she’s turning her attention to the connection between food and climate change. In this interview, I asked her how the two relate:

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