Attention female vegans (and no, I’m not soliciting romance, thanks): If you’re dreaming of birthing twins, you may want to read this.

Women who eat a vegan diet — a strict vegetarian diet that excludes all animal products including milk — are one-fifth as likely as other women to have twins, a U.S. researcher reported on Saturday.

But despite what some headline-writers suggest (“Vegan diet lowers odds of having twins” and “Meat-Eaters More Likely to Have Twins?“), neither meat-eating nor even necessarily veganness seem to be the key.

The reason [for the vegan twin-birth difference] may be hormones given to cattle to boost their milk and meat production, said Dr. Gary Steinman, an obstetrician specializing in multiple-birth pregnancies at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, New York.

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So if you vegans want to increase the likelihood of twins without disrupting your diet, seems you could maybe skip the dairy and just go right for the growth hormones. Yum.

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