People magazine reports that Al Gore’s daughter Sarah just got married, revealing in the course of the article that Chilean sea bass was served at the rehearsal dinner.

In the Daily Telegraph, Australian Humane Society Rebecca Keeble writes that “only one week after Live Earth, Al Gore’s green credentials slipped.” Why? Because Chilean sea bass is endangered.

ABC politics columnist Jake Tapper, smelling the kind of vapid, gimmicky story upon which his profession thrives, asks, “could this be seen as the environmentalist version of Sen. David Vitter’s public sanctimony/private enjoyment of love with a red-lit glow?”

Blogger Digby points out, "Unless somebody at the wedding was schtupping the fish wearing a diaper, I’m not sure I see the analogy."

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Sierra Club’s Pat Joseph traces the fallout:

It doesn’t take long for Tapper’s readers to remind him that: a) the groom’s family throws the rehearsal dinner, not the bride’s; b) while sea bass is indeed a fishery of serious environmental concern, some of the fish are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council; and c) Jake Tapper is a two-bit hack.

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It’s a wonder Gore doesn’t want to run for president.