So, there you are – grilling up an easily prepared meal that your family loves.

But you’re feeling guilty about it. Why is that?

Because that meal is (insert horrific scream here) … hot dogs!

You know, the junk food that’s made from who-knows-what that your family would eat every day if they could but that you know is bad for them and so you only serve it occasionally and with great regret.

And now barbecue season is coming.

Well, prepare to free yourself of griller’s remorse.

Americans love cooking outdoors. A recent poll found that backyard barbeques with friends and family are the number one summer activity that the majority of Americans look forward to as the weather warms up.

And 92 percent of those polled ate a hot dog in the past year. Of course, they weren’t proud of it.

Applegate hot dogs will fix all that.

Their hot dogs are made with real food — just beef, water, sea salt and spices – and they have much less fat and sodium than those hot dogs that have made you feel like a parental delinquent all these years.

You can give your family the meal they have always craved guilt-free. Serving them a “cleaner wiener,” with fewer preservatives and fewer additives is a very easy decision.

But as one decision becomes simpler, another becomes more complicated.

Now that there is a hot dog that you can feel confident serving to your family, you may want to experiment … or even go a little wild.

With Applegate, you don’t have to worry about what’s in your hot dog … but that frees your mind to explore the possibilities of what’s on it!

If your previous hot dog experiences are confined to mustard or ketchup or sauerkraut (not that there’s anything wrong with those), it may be time to open your eyes to the enormous possibilities of the frankfurter with this tour of favorite toppings from cities across America.

Consider yourself liberated.