It’s poignant to see a child who’s peaked before she even finishes kindergarten, but I’m not sure how 5-year-old Daisy Morris is going to top this one: On a fossil-hunting trip with her family, she found the remains of a previously undiscovered dinosaur, which is now named Vertidraco daisymorrisae. 

The new dino is not only a previously unknown species, but an unknown genus, making Daisy’s find a really big deal. It’s a pterosaur — a winged flying dino — about the size of a crow, which lived 115 million years ago. The fossil has been donated to London’s Natural History Museum, where Daisy (who lives on the Isle of Wight) may one day be able to visit with her school friends and be insufferably smug.

Or anyway, that’s probably what I would have done. But Daisy seems like a rad kid, who will probably not use this as an excuse to rest on her laurels and check out of achieving anything else in her time on earth, although lord knows I’d give her a pass. More likely, she’ll grow up to revolutionize paleontology or something, like the bright star she is. Whatever, I could discover a dinosaur if I wanted to; I just don’t want to because I’m OLD AND WASHED UP AND WILL NEVER ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING BOOOOHOOOOOOOO.

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Um. Sorry. Congrats, Daisy. You are obviously more awesome than we’ll ever be.

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