Babe Alert!

Ladies, sometimes it’s OK to have your burger and eat it, too

Welcome back to Woman Crush Wednesday! Summer, the season for grilled meat (or tofu or eggplant, as the case may be) is well underway. Should you find yourself firing up the grill this midsummer’s night, please ponder this: Why do we think of meat-eating as a masculine act and not a feminine one? As Grist’s Eve Andrews discusses this week, the concept of “clean eating” can actually be a big ol’ mess. The act of choosing a big, juicy burger over a dressing-free salad can be a fraught one. We’re all about making thoughtful and well-informed choices when it comes to eating, but every once in a while you just have to Treat Yo Self — and that should be okay.

So go ahead and treat yo self with our crushes of the week:

The members of the Seattle band Childbirth. From left to right: Bree McKenna, Stacy Peck, Julia Shapiro.Shaine Truscott

Stay tuned for next week’s roundup!