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Climate Regulation


The city council of Santa Ana, the predominantly Latino county seat of Orange County, California,  approved a cutting-edge resolution this month that not only declares a climate emergency, but simultaneously pledges that the city will limit or prevent exposure to lead and other environmental toxins among its population of more than 300,000 people.  

The resolution, approved by a 6-1 vote on Tuesday, September 7, ensures that initiatives implemented to slow the climate crisis are paired with policies to mitigate economic inequalities, environmental injustices, and public health risks tied to pollution in vulnerable communities. 

By passing the measure, the city council acknowledges the impact of climate change in driving up temperatures, increasing the frequency of extreme heat events, and exacerbating drought. As a remedy, the city is pledging to implement policies that promote decarbonization and electrification of buildings and transportation, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions across all industries and communities, and accelerate a clean-energy transition. In the resolution, Santa Ana declares its intent to transition to 100 percent cle... Read more

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