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  • Join us in civil disobedience to stop the Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline

    We want you to come to Washington in the hottest and stickiest weeks of the summer and engage in civil disobedience that will likely get you arrested.

  • Leo’s new eco-flick

    I saw The 11th Hour last night, a new movie produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie is a pastiche of interviews of about 50 different thinkers and scientists, interspersed with stock footage of obligatory mountains and seal clubbings. Here's how Leonardo describes it:

  • Suzuki edits the Sun

    Famed Canadian eco-hero David Suzuki was handed the reins to guest edit an entire edition of the Toronto Vancouver (!) Sun on Sat. May 5. “What I would love to do is put a green slant in every area,” he added, explaining he thinks the mainstream media do not do enough to highlight how the […]

  • Peak oil and politics

    Last week the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ran part one of a two-part series on how Cuba survived without oil after the fall of the Soviet Union. (Not technically true -- there was oil, just far too little of it.) The next part runs this Sunday and has to do with the redefinition of Cuban medicine in the post-oil world. It's all very fascinating, and it's produced by one of our national treasures, David Suzuki.