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  • Debunking Lord Monckton, Part One

    Climbing the mountain of balderdash, bollux, codswallop, and rubbish that is Lord Christopher Monckton’s presentation is a daunting task. I’ve had to break it down into 2 parts, of which this is the first. The second will be premiered on thursday night, April 15, at 9 pm edt, during a live “Climate Denial Crock” web […]

  • Why the EPA ‘dissenter’ story needs to die

    More on the spin cycle.Courtesy katiew via FlickrSay I’m a high-school drama teacher. My education and career experience are in teaching drama. I happen to have a side interest in mathematics and carry some unconventional theories about math. I tell the math department head at my high school that I want a say in drafting […]

  • EPA ‘suppression’ story grows, despite shoddy science in report

    Dizzy by now?Courtesy katiew via FlickrThe peculiar story of a “suppressed” report at the Environmental Protection Agency continues to grow, despite the fact that the agency appears to have done nothing worse than holding its employees to professional standards. The charge spreading through the news media is that the EPA quashed an internal report because […]

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    Warren Buffett repeats GOP talking points on energy plan

    Courtesy trackrecord via FlickrOmaha zillionaire Warren Buffett repeated his criticism of cap-and-trade emissions regulation on Wednesday, telling CNBC the plan being pushed by Democrats amounts to “a huge tax” and a “fairly regressive tax” that’s going to burden poor consumers in particular. “If we buy permits, essentially, at our utilities, that goes right into the […]

  • Scant evidence for charge that EPA ‘suppressed’ dissent [Updated]

    UPDATE 6/26: The Competitive Enterprise Institute released a draft of the “suppressed” report, which confirms the EPA’s explanation: The agency didn’t think much of the report because it’s authored by an economist claiming to be a climatologist. “We have become increasingly concerned that EPA and many other agencies and countries have paid too little attention […]