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  • Mitt Romney, political windsock, flips to climate change denial

    If there's one thing Mitt Romney's good at, it's turning directly into whatever political winds are blowing through the Republican base. So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that in a speech at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pa., he just said this: My view is that we don’t know what’s causing climate change on this […]

  • Wall Street Journal embraces peak oil denialism


    Daniel Yergin is to peak oil and limits to growth what Richard Lindzen, Anthony Watts, Christopher Monckton, the Heartland Institute and Exxon Mobil are to climate change. That is, Yergin's entire reason for being in the public eye is his rejection of the possible arrival of this calamity.

    So of course it's perfectly logical that the Wall Street Journal, long a bastion of climate change denial, would give Yergin a stage on which to spew his unique brand of half-truths.

  • Nine of the 10 loudest climate-denying scientists tied to Exxon

    Climate change deniers like to point out that they have scientists on their side, too. But an analysis of more than 900 papers supporting climate skepticism showed that about 20 percent of those papers came from the same 10 scientists, and nine of them, according to The Carbon Brief, have ties to ExxonMobil. Eight of […]

  • Meet the Climate Fockers

    Here’a repost from my blog today:   A business colleague and friend recently had a nice conversation with his brother, a doctor visiting from the South. His brother doesn’t think climate change is a problem. It went something like this: Brother: “I’ve been reading some interesting articles about climate change that don’t….” Colleague: “Shut […]