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  • What are conservatives saying about the Gulf oil disaster?

    The ongoing oil eruption off the Gulf Coast is shaping up to be one of the worst environmental disasters in American history. It’s now clear that BP had no credible plan in place to deal with a spill of this magnitude at this depth. They thought it couldn’t happen and now they don’t know how […]

  • On the Graham-Reid flustercluck

    All right, all right, I suppose I have to say something about the Graham situation, as much as the entire subject just saps my life force. For those of you who haven’t been keeping track: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has threatened to pull his support from the climate bill he’s been working on — even […]

  • Cleaning some of the Fox off of Van Jones

    Van JonesA while back I lampooned a Glenn Beck segment on Van Jones, who’s an advisor to the White House Council on Environmental Quality. According to Beck, Jones is the man on the inside for a vast cryptosocialist conspiracy involving the Apollo Alliance, Color of Change, the Center for American Progress, George Soros, ACORN, Al […]

  • FACES of Coal are iStockphotos?!

    The new coal industry front group “FACES” has yet to come forward with a list of their members. Well, thanks to a few new-media gumshoes, including Appalachian Voices’ Jamie Goodman and our friends at DeSmogBlog, we’ve learned that not only is FACES hosted by a K-Street firm called Adfero, but all of the FACES of […]