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  • Are environmentalists responsible for climate failure?

    Environmentalists and their allies have expressed “disappointment” at the failure of the Senate to cap carbon pollution this year. A few bold voices have even suggested, gingerly, that President Obama might bear just a teensy bit of responsibility for this failure by not aggressively lobbying the Senate to take action or launching a consistent public campaign for action. Meanwhile, the White House isn’t shying from putting the blame squarely on environmentalists.

  • Putting climate criticism where it belongs

    It's funny that we still understand climate change as an "environmental issue" and consider it the job of "the environmentalists" to avert the widespread human suffering it threatens to create.

  • Utilities are trying to pull off the scam of the decade

    I’m technically on vacation, but there’s an extremely important fight going on in the background right now so I want to weigh in, even at the risk of irritating my long-suffering family. Here’s the deal: Right now, two things are happening in parallel. The first is getting all the attention, but the second is, in […]

  • Historian: It’s too soon to expect large-scale responses to the Gulf leak

    Penn State historian Adam Rome studies the American environmental movement and is working on a book about the first Earth Day, which was prompted in part by an offshore drilling disaster in Santa Barbara. Yesterday, he told the Washington Post that it could take another year before we can tell if the Gulf oil leak […]

  • Washington Post asks why Gulf spill isn’t leading to green progress

    The Washington Post brings the serious gloom and doom today with a front-page story: “Historic oil spill fails to produce gains for U.S. environmentalists.” It’s making the rounds among green groups and climate activists. Lead environmental reporter Juliet Eilperin and David A. Fahrenthold write: This year, the worst oil spill in U.S. history — and, […]

  • Do enviros need to reassess their big-picture climate strategy?

    Yesterday, I asked seven of Grist’s favorite journos and wonks what policies reformers should focus on this year now that chances for a cap-and-trade bill appear dim. Read their answers. Today, they grapple with a broader question.  Our panel: Michael Levi, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations Amanda Little, Grist alumnus and author […]

  • With cap-and-trade on the ropes, what’s the next move for greens?

    The final fate of the climate/energy bill is uncertain. There are signs Senate Democrats may yet try to advance a price on carbon, perhaps a limited system that only covers utilities, but it remains a heavy political lift. It’s a safe wager cap-and-trade won’t make it over the finish line. So let’s look ahead: What […]

  • What have environmentalists been most wrong about?

    Photo: limonada via FlickrFirst things first: Don’t ask me how I went from being an editor of Grist to an expert in wrongness.  It’s a long story.  Suffice it to say that in 2006, I left Grist (with much regret) in order to write a book about being wrong.  (That’s the eponymous Being Wrong: Adventures […]

  • ‘Hands Across the Sand’ could be largest Gulf oil demonstration yet

    Handsacrossthesand.comSaturday could bring the biggest public demonstration yet about the Gulf oil gusher, when Hands Across the Sand gathers people on beaches around the world at noon to hold hands in support of coastal economies, oceans, marine wildlife, and fishing industries. Organized by surfer and Florida restaurant owner Dave Rauschkolb, the dispersed event looks to […]