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  • On Bjorn Lomborg and population

    Some years ago, well before many outside Denmark knew Bjorn Lomborg's name, a group of his fellow faculty members at the University of Aarhus took the unusual step of developing a website specifically to warn the scientific community and others about flaws in his work. Appalled by Lomborg's scientific pretensions and unfounded conclusions, these faculty members, including a former head of the Danish Academy of Sciences, actively disassociated themselves from him.

  • A skeptical look at The Skeptical Environmentalist

    Before the terrible events of Sept. 11 nudged our national mood towards nouveau-earnestness, skepticism was the disposition of the day. Bred in the swamps of transparent consumer manipulation, untrustworthy political leaders, and information overload, skepticism stamped a permanent question mark onto the brows of Generation X and seemed poised to become the watchword of our nation.

  • Environmental news has been hard to find since Sept. 11

    I was lounging at my local coffee shop, wondering how the barista got that giant nose ring out each night, when Flym Wyntrobski barged through the door, all flapping elbows and gangly legs. He plopped down in a chair at my table, pulled something crunchy from his unkempt beard, examined it, and popped it in […]

  • 10 ways to phatten up environmentalism

    Dear Editor: Good idea about sexying the magazine up, in terms of sexyness. I agree that this environmental stuff needs to be more “now” — just this a.m., my 15-year-old daughter saw me recycling a few back issues of Recycling and said, “You’re a pathetic little man and you don’t even know what emo music […]

  • The key is learning to learn

    During the weekend before Election Day, as midgets battled furiously on warped playing fields, two giants fell, both yielding their lives peacefully, knowingly, with dignity, to cancer. The better-known one was David Brower, the great outdoorsman and thunderer for the environment. Even in his 70s and 80s he was still shaking up the Sierra Club, […]

  • A personal tribute to David Brower

    What more is there to say about a man who wrote three autobiographies, has been profiled in virtually every magazine (from the New Yorker on down), and was interviewed on every television and radio show worth its salt? David Brower, 1912-2000. Photo: Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund. I speak of David Brower, my friend and idol […]