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  • Rick Durden, green pilot and head of LightHawk, answers questionsRick Durden, green pilot and head o

    Rick Durden. With what environmental organization are you affiliated? I have recently become the executive director of LightHawk, sometimes referred to as “the wings of conservation.” What does your organization do? We work with other environmental and conservation organizations to provide free flights over environmentally threatened areas in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Central America. […]

  • A roundup of green plans and brown bills proposed post-Katrina

    Resourceful environmental leaders have unearthed opportunity amidst the wreckage left behind by this year’s record hurricane season and the battering of the Gulf Coast. They’ve crafted plans for everything from the building of new, green, affordable housing to the tightening of auto fuel-economy standards. Of course, powerful people with less eco-friendly agendas have seen opportunity […]

  • For Robert Hass, poetry is part of the eco-arsenal

    Robert Hass. Photo: Jeff Kearns. Readers of Robert Hass’s poetry are familiar with his fine-tuned and tender attention to the natural world. What they may not know so well are his efforts to take that devotion off the page and into boardrooms and classrooms. As United States Poet Laureate from 1995 to 1997, Hass turned […]

  • Umbra on rebuilding the Gulf Coast

    Dear Umbra, There seem to be plenty of good organizations accepting dollars to help the people of the Gulf Coast. But as The Nature Conservancy has said, “While current attention is rightfully focused on the immediate human toll and suffering of this tragedy, the ecological damage has yet to be assessed.” The rebuilding effort, it […]

  • Apollo Alliance now shooting for the statehouse instead of the moon

    By now the mission of the two-year-old D.C.-based Apollo Alliance — to mobilize a grand-scale federal commitment to energy independence, with the triple-whammy promise of creating good jobs with new technology, bolstering national security with energy independence, and saving the planet from carbon emissions — has become something of a cliché. Apollo: No longer shooting […]

  • Why aren’t conservationists fighting poverty?

    It’s a shame. Conservationists are sitting on the sidelines while the Big Game unfolds before our eyes. A major campaign is under way to change the terms of development, alleviate crushing debt, and help poor people around the world live better lives. Successes are being racked up. And conservation and environmental groups are nowhere to […]

  • Jamie Rappaport Clark of Defenders of Wildlife answers questions

    Jamie Rappaport Clark. With what environmental organization are you affiliated? I’m the executive vice president of Defenders of Wildlife. What does your organization do? We work to protect native plants and animals and their habitat. Our work takes us all across the U.S. — from the halls of Capitol Hill to the mountains and plains […]

  • Al Norman, anti-Wal-Mart activist, answers questions

    Al Norman. With what environmental organization are you affiliated? I’m founder of Sprawl-Busters. What does your organization do? We help community groups fight off big-box sprawl — strategize their battles, understand key objectives, and develop a game plan. What, in a perfect world, would constitute “mission accomplished”? Getting people to stop shopping at these giant […]

  • Umbra on joining your first environmental organization

    Dear Umbra, I am new to the environmental world, and looking for ways to help and organizations to join. It took me a while to find Greenpeace. I am wondering what other organizations are out there, and my friends (and I’m sure other Grist readers) would also like to know. Ayla Pinus elliottii var. densaNaples, […]