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  • After the lead crisis started, Flint’s fertility crisis began

    A new study shows that the poisoned water led to fetal deaths.

  • Education leads to lower fertility and increased prosperity

    This post was written by Brigid Fitzgerald Reading, staff researcher at the Earth Policy Institute. Data and additional resources available online at As the world continues to add close to 80 million people each year, high population growth is running up against the limits of our finite planet, threatening global economic and political stability. […]

  • Foreign Policy mag spotlights ‘peak phosphorous’

    Where your food comes from: a phosphate mine in Florida run by the fertilizer giant Mosaic. Mosaic is two-thirds owned by Cargill, the globe’s largest agribusiness company, with interests in meat, feed, biofuels, and more. Photo: Susan Dracket, via FlickrAs Grist’s recent special series showed, our reliance on synthetic nitrogen fertilizer has serious ecological, geopolitical, […]

  • Chemical Soup for the Soul

    Editor’s Note: Anna finished this post (and a few more) before she went on maternity leave. She gave birth to a healthy girl, Audrey, on December 13. My husband Gus and I have been lucky. I’m 36—and therefore considered an “elderly primigravida” on my charts at my doctor’s office (that’s “pregnant old-timer and first-timer” in […]