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  • Find an action. Shout 350. Tell us about it!

    Will getting to 350 ppm be the great barrier to saving the Great Barrier Reef? Poppy and Jarrah via Flickr Creative CommonsIn parts of the world, today is already the first-ever International Day of Climate Action in places like New Zealand, but it’s not too late for millions of you to find the biggest, […]

  • In Seattle, rallying ’round the needle

    Scott Cooper, sustainability coordinator for EOS Alliance in Seattle, wants all his fellow Emerald City denizens to join him at the Space Needle this Saturday for International Climate Action Day. 350.orgWhy? Cooper offers up a top ten reasons: 10. Hang out at the fountain with family, friends, and neighbors 9. Show the world that Seattle […]

  • Groups use 350’s big day to fight cap-and-trade

    Courtesy is taking a big-tent approach to activism on its International Day of Climate Action this Saturday, inviting anyone who wants to help to join a climate-change demonstration, or create one of their own. That open invitation means not everyone will be pushing the same message. In fact, a trio of groups will use […]

  • Eve of Destruction (New Millennium)

    Ken rewrote this song — one of our favorites in the “music for the apocalypse” category — as a rallying cry for the Day of Climate Action this Saturday, October 24, everywhere. He had to smoke a whole pack of cigarettes beforehand to get his voice that gritty. We’ll be at the Boston Under Water […]

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    Get psyched for the Day of Climate Action — with videos!

    This Saturday, Oct. 24, is the International Day of Climate Action.  You’re all geared up to join an event in your hometown or ‘hood, right?  Here are a few videos to get you even more pumped up., which is sponsoring the day, gives us a sneak preview of the animations that will splash across Times Square […]

  • Day of Climate Action shows power of web organizing. Join us!

    Bill McKibben and Chip Giller want you to get pumped up for the International Day of Climate Action.   When Grist was launched 10 years ago, a key idea behind it was that the web could be used to spread the news about what’s really happening across the planet. Turned out to be true. Now […]

  • What will you do for International Day of Climate Action on Oct. 24?

    Get involved in the fight against climate change. Got plans for Saturday, Oct. 24?  Join up with climate-concerned citizens around the globe for the first-ever International Day of Climate Action, to demand that world leaders get moving in the fight against climate change.  More than 3,000 events in 170 countries are in the works, many […]

  • A Savage way to save the world

    Blogging won”t save the world, nor will rowing across the ocean. But join Roz Savage and thousands of others on Oct. 24 for’s climate action day!Courtesy Roz SavageA million keyboards were singing on Wednesday as bloggers across the Internet drummed up support for action on climate change. The cynical move here would be to […]

  • What Bill McKibben learned from the gay rights march

    Courtesy via FlickrIf the mainstream media is going to largely ignore a mass demonstration on the national mall—such as Sunday’s National Equality March for gay rights—public demonstrations might as well be small, numerous, and spread all over, says founder Bill McKibben. Also, they should be beautiful. McKibben—writer, Grist board member, and an occasional […]