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  • Michigan: Outgoing Gov. Jennifer Granholm on creating wind energy jobs

    In Michigan, our big, hairy, audacious goal is to make our state the international hub of the clean energy industry, creating jobs by transforming Michigan from rust belt to green belt.

  • Michigan to Granholm: We want clean energy

    Yesterday, on a beautiful summer day in Lansing, Michigan, more than 500 activists from all corners of the state lent their voices to a call for a massive investment in clean energy and moving the state beyond coal. Clean Energy Now, a coalition made up of over 40 environmentalist groups including Sierra Club, organized this […]

  • Michigan governor on verge of important announcement on coal and clean energy?

    For several years Michigan has been pursuing a dual-track energy strategy: more coal plants and more clean energy. But as forecasts show demand slacking, energy imports draining the budget, and power plant costs rising, the calculus may be shifting.

    Keith Schneider reports that Gov. Jennifer Granholm is on the verge of a big announcement:

    Senior Granholm administration officials declined to be specific about what they said would be a "major statement," but indicated the governor might support a moratorium on approving new coal plants while the state formulates CO2 regulations--something coal opponents around the state have pushed for with lawsuits, petitions to the governor, and a steady barrage of press and grassroots events for more than a year. Or, some officials said, the governor might announce an outright ban on new coal plants.

    Putting Rust Belt states in the vanguard of the clean energy shift is a powerful thing, symbolically, politically, and economically. Let's hope Granholm goes big.

  • An interview with Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm

    Jennifer Granholm. If John Kerry becomes president, he’ll owe an awful lot to Jennifer M. Granholm, Michigan’s environmentally minded first-term Democratic governor. For all but a few shaky days in early September when some polls indicated that Michigan may have been leaning President Bush’s way, the state and its 17 critical electoral votes have stayed […]