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  • Al Gore likely to endorse … no one soon

    Speculation has been running rampant for months about whom Al Gore will endorse in the presidential race. The latest anticlimactic news: the climate-crusading ex-veep plans to remain neutral for now, as do other influential Democrats including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and previous presidential candidates John Edwards, Christopher Dodd, and Joe Biden.

  • More on the powerful legacy Edwards leaves behind in the presidential race

    So Edwards dropped out today. (Jockeying has already begun to secure his endorsement.) Here is his graceful announcement: Here is Grist’s factsheet on Edwards’ environmental record; here is our interview with Edwards. It’s practically become a cliche, but it is true nonetheless: Edwards has had an entirely salutary effect on this race, laying out bold […]

  • Edwards out

    As you’ve probably already heard (damn you west coast time!), John Edwards is expected to drop out of the presidential race today. Now all Edwards chatter will turn to the subject of a possible endorsement.

  • Dem debate in Nevada

    Well, the Dem debate in Nevada this evening was largely an excruciating affair, thanks to the world-historical vapidity, ignorance, and pettiness of moderators Tim Russert and Brian Williams. Before you do anything else, go read Matt Yglesias’ new piece, “The Unbearable Inanity of Tim Russert.” It could not be more right on. In what, as […]

  • Elizabeth Edwards says her hubby is the man to build a social movement

    From Ezra Klein’s short but interesting interview with Elizabeth Edwards: Ezra Klein: The message you seemed to be previewing on Sunday was that Obama’s a great guy, he’s got a great philosophy, really good ideas, but it’s in his head and not in his heart. Elizabeth Edwards: Except for the ideas part, sure. His health […]

  • Are Obama and Edwards promising ponies?

    Hillary Clinton is getting in lots of trouble for some recent comments, but I suspect that while her message is politically doomed, there’s some truth to it. Some background: At the debate, Clinton said that candidates shouldn’t be creating "false hopes" among the American people. After the debate, Obama commented that that was like MLK, […]

  • Darth Nader endorses Edwards instead of Green Party candidate

    Ralph Nader’s endorsement of Edwards sure sounds more like an undorsement of Clinton. Questions: Is Nader’s endorsal opposition to Clinton more irrelevant to her chances than another Nader presidential run would be, or the same amount of irrelevant? Will this cause Edwards to lose support, as Dem primary voters deploy the sensible heuristic that the […]

  • Edwards reacts

    John Edwards is the first leading candidate to respond to the advance of the Lieberman-Warner bill:

  • Tell us what you think about the presidential forum

    The video from Grist’s presidential forum on climate is now available on a page that accepts comments. So go comment! One thing to watch for: check out what Hillary says at 6:33, and compare to what Edwards says at around 35:00. Are they right?