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  • John Kerry takes infrastructure to the bank

    John Kerry is willing to bank on infrastructure building. He and Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas) are introducing a bipartisan bill to create a bank for funding infrastructure projects — which includes roads (good way to get Republicans and John Cassidy on board) but also rail. The bank would issue loans to help finance […]

  • From Big Energy to Congress, the money pipeline never closes

    A new website lets us follow the prodigious flow of cash from oil companies to the politicians who do their bidding.

  • Will these critters be endangered by the Gulf gusher?

    These congresscritters are top recipients of contributions from the oil and gas sector — and some of its most vocal supporters, even in the face of a catastrophically unpopular oil leak. Might the Gulf-spill mess threaten their survival? Well, don’t bet on it …  Photo: Republican Conference via Flickr Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) “I’m ashamed […]

  • 10 races to watch in 2010

      California House race, 19th Congressional District Richard Pombo is back!  He antagonized environmentalists as chair of the House Resources Committee (he even removed the word “Natural” from the committee’s name) until 2006, when he got beat by a renewable-energy booster. For his comeback attempt, he’s carpetbagging from the 11th Congressional District, site of his […]

  • Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas)

    Kay Bailey HutchisonSen. Kay Bailey Hutchison sent the following letter to Grist reader Blanca Estela in early October, responding to questions about the senator’s stance on climate legislation.  Hutchison says she opposes a cap-and-trade system, arguing that it would raise energy prices for average Americans and cause economic hardship.  She says she does want to […]